4 Natural Cleaning Products That Actually Work

You are what you eat. How about what you clean with? Did you know that most household products on the market contain ingredients that are extremely harmful to you an your family? We are here to bring you the natural cleaning products that are also actually effective – no compromising!


You may not know that the most common commercial cleaning products such as acidic toilet bowl cleaners, corrosive drain cleaners, oven cleaners, and laundry detergents contain harmful substances. Like, SUPER HARMFUL. 

Ingredients like ammonia and chlorine bleach, common in bathroom tile cleaners and detergents, have high acute toxicity which creates fumes that irritate the lungs, nose, eyes, and throat. If you have asthma, chances are the symptoms would be extra painful. 

Often, laundry detergents and fabric softeners come premixed with fragrances which are anything but natural. These can irritate the respiratory tract, cause sneezing, headaches, and watery eyes - especially for those suffering from asthma or allergies. All of these harsh chemicals have scary side effects which can lead to hormonal disruption and even certain types of cancer. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if the products that we use at home were also made with safe ingredients? There is a common misconception that only products containing strong and harmful chemicals can get the job done. Well, we are here to prove that non-toxic cleaning products can be just as effective!


Nowadays there are many natural cleaning products alternatives that you can use in your home. Below are some of our favorites! They are all made of natural and organic ingredients which are incredibly powerful and effective. Find out why and how these products can help turn your home into a more mindful, sustainable, and healthier household.

This multi-surface cleaner from Puracy is the perfect all-in-one cleaner! It’s the non-toxic go-to for any household. With powerful plant-based enzymes, it’s the most efficient and effective product out there! 

A couple sprays do the job on any surface - tables, countertops, kids’ high chairs, bathroom tiles, and even glass. Since this product is completely natural, it is actually safe to use in areas in which your kids eat and play. Made with green tea and lime extracts, it has great antiseptic and cleansing properties, minus the harmful smell and effects of chemicals. This is why it is ideal for homes with kids - and pets, too!

Castile soap is one of the oldest, most popular organic soaps on the planet. From Bestowed Essentials comes the zero-waste solution for dish washing. The most sustainable, natural, and effective alternative to commercial soap. Ingredients like coconut oil, olivie oil, pacific sea salt, and French green clay, ensure that this soap cleans thoroughly and without residue! 

Another natural cleaning favorite from Puracy, this stain remover is a godsend for vegan families. It’s made of plant-based bio-enzymatic ingredients that are super effective in getting rid of various stains, odors, residues, and spots. Get rid of dirt, sweat, oil, grass, cosmetics, food stains… the list goes on! 

It’s not just a powerful cleaning product, it also does not cause discoloration or bleaching on your clothes. Safe to use on clothes, linens, car seats, carpets, and even your kids’ car seats! It’s great for the entire family and the planet, too! 

Make your space smell like good vibes with Pure & Peaceful’s Uplift Air & Linen Spray! Infused with the best essential oils to create not only a clean and healthy home but a relaxing and soothing environment as well. With lavender, which is great for relaxing and de-stressing, as well as lemongrass, which helps re-energize the mind and body, it brings stress relief in one spritz.  


The time when we had zero choices when it comes to the products that we use at home are long gone. Thanks to the growing demand for more mindful and sustainable options, we now have a multitude of non-toxic cleaning products  to choose from. Making those choices doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or efficacy either! 


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