5 Black-Owned Vegan Beauty Brands To Support This February

written by Azul Flores

Reading books, signing petitions and watching documentaries/movies is always great, but it is also very important to financially support the Black community. Being conscious of where we are putting our dollars, it is crucial that we support local and small Black owned and run businesses. In honor of it being Black History Month, we are excited to round up some amazing Black owned beauty brands that you will want to check out! Not only does this help to create more job opportunities and close the racial wealth gap, but it also empowers and helps build up local communities.

Meet Dehiya. All about furthering women's equality, human rights and racial justice, and inspired by the Queen of the Amazigh, meaning “free people,” Dehiya Beauty creates plant based skin care with ethically sourced, botanical and native ingredients from various parts of the world. Founded by Dr. Mia Chae Reddy, who was influenced by Moroccan folk beauty and modern women, she created a skin care line that is 100% vegan and all-natural. Essence 2020 Best in Beauty Award Winner, Dehiya offers products ranging from beauty tools like Mihakkas (small exfoliating divide made with terra-cotta and organic cotton), all the way to skin care and beauty products like cream blushes and highlighters!

The Vegan Warehouse’s Fave: 

 Purify, brighten and define with the ALDI Argan Beldi Cleanser.

Founded by vegan skincare expert, traveler, and former African Diaspora historian, Niambi Cacchioli, Pholk Beauty was inspired by the timeless folk beauty and herbalist wisdom of Niambi. Locally run and based in Jersey City, New Jersey, Pholk beauty uses only all natural, organic ingredients to create vegan cosmetics and skin care products that are made to tackle various kinds of skin concerns. Pholk even offers a free skincare consult quiz to help you with personalized skin care tips and product suggestions. With an abundant variety of skin and body products, all vegan and locally made, you are sure to find the perfect product suited for you.

The Vegan Warehouse’s Fave: 

Without any harsh chemicals that dry out your skin, the Daily Detox Face Wash cleanses skin while helping fight oiliness and acne.

Skincare products specially designed to nourish and protect your skin… a must we are always needing. Base Butter is a brand dedicated to creating 100% vegan products to help make skincare simplified for oily, combination and acneic skin types. Founded by She’neil and Nicolette, who created Base Butter after fighting with their own skin concerns like breakouts, oily skin, and struggling to find inclusive skincare products for darker skin tones. As seen in Beyonce, Vogue, Allure and MarieClaire, their most popular product, the Radiant Face Jelly, hydrates, soothes, balances and purifies the skin.

The Vegan Warehouse’s Fave: 

Acclaimed as the #1 best face moisturizer for a reason. With aloe-vera and lavender, the Radiant Face Jelly moisturizes skin without leaving it greasy and does not clog pores.

Dedicated to treating hormonal acne, dark spots, discoloration and stubborn hyperpigmentation, founder of Hyper Skin, Desiree Verdejo created this skin care brand after being disappointed with the lack of diversity in skincare and beauty lines. Hyper Skin only carries one holy grail product that was enough to highlight them in Vogue, Allure and The New York Times. Their Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum.was created to work with every and any skin type, using various vegan ingredients to help with dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

The Vegan Warehouse’s Fave: 

Filled with vitamin C and E, the Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Serum helps do just that, brighten skin and smooth fine lines, texture and lighten dark spots.  

KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, created Mented after discussing why it was so hard for them to find the perfect nude lipstick. From their iconic nude lipsticks to blushes and eyeshadow palettes, all of Mented’s products are designed to match all skin tones. Thanks to their “Shade Finder” on Mented’s website, anyone can find their perfect match! All products are vegan, paraben-fren, non-toxic and cruelty free.

The Vegan Warehouse’s Fave: 

With 10 shades perfect for any and every occasion, the Everynight Eyeshadow Palette is Mented’s current best seller — with shades that are a great match for every skin tone! 

Learning about these amazing brands, one common finding for their inception was a lack of overall inclusivity in the beauty space. With a lack of brands creating products to help and listen to the skin concerns that women of color were going through, or struggling to find products that properly suited their skin tone, there was a strong need for these brands. It may seem like the easiest option to just settle and buy all your beauty products from larger companies and retail stores, but it is so important to reflect on how those purchases affect marginalized communities and brands that are looking to do good. This Black History Month, lets keep educating ourselves and supporting Black communities!

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