written by Lindsay Patton

Going vegan has its challenges, but those challenges become much easier when there’s a friend cheering you on. It’s a vegan’s dream to see animal-product consumption decline, however, we know transitioning to veganism is a big step.

If someone has been an omnivore for years, stepping into the vegan world can be intimidating. There are a lot of resources out there to explore, which can overwhelm beginners.

Talking to a close friend or family member that’s knowledgeable about veganism is a great way to have questions answered in a loving way. It provides a safe space for them to feel supported when they slip up, which will then encourage them to keep going.

Here are other ways you can use your friendship to help.

Connect them with a support network

One person cheering you on is great, but a lot of them are even better. If you know of other vegans that are welcoming and supportive, invite your friend to connect with them. This will also give your friend a chance to observe how other vegans live.

Teaching by example is very powerful and can help answer questions your friend may be too afraid to ask. Invite them to a group outing sometime to help connect them with people who are good examples.

Cook and meal plan with them

Everyone slips up sometimes. It’s part of being human. It’s also human nature to be hard on ourselves when we fall short. Transitioning to veganism is a big feat and taking an all-or-nothing approach right out the gate makes it difficult to get back on track when failure happens. When your friend is having a difficult time, be there to remind them how far they’ve come and that one slip up doesn’t erase any progress.

Introduce them to vegan brands

Vegan fashion and cosmetics are two growing industries, with new brands emerging constantly. Vegan handbags, jackets and shoes look just like and are just as durable as leather ones and you can now find multiple cruelty free and vegan cosmetic brands in stores.

Introduce your friend to some of your favorite vegan stores and brands and recommend products you can’t live without. Teach them the difference between vegan and cruelty free cosmetics and how to properly read labels for ingredients or cruelty free information. 

Recommend educational resources

A great way to help your friend is to recommend resources to help them with tips and inform their journey. On March 16, The Vegan Warehouse is launching a course to help people go began in 30 days.

The course features 30 instructional videos, 20 step-by-step recipes, 10 downloadable resources, and walks people through exactly what to eat, how to meal plan, budget, and even covers the lifestyle and social aspects of veganism such as eating out or addressing hate comments.

Signups are now open and the course makes a great gift for any new vegan! You can sign up here. 

Being a good friend to someone exploring veganism makes a huge difference. It is often difficult to make big changes alone, and your support can play a role in making their journey a success.