Our Editor's Top Picks from Our Memorial Day Sale

 written by Azul Flores

Memorial Day is the perfect time to snag all of the deals, and thankfully, our Memorial Day Sale has all of your favorites on sale. Getting ready for summer, our editor’s have rounded up their favorite picks for inspiration!


“In alignment with the Summer season, The Isabel Bucket Bag has quickly become my favorite vegan leather handbag due to its pop of yellow and faux snake print strap. This bag is perfect for any occasion and could be used for either day or night. The Isabel always adds such a pop of color to any outfit and is definitely my Summer staple for 2021.” - Mia Montalvo, Marketing & Content Manager 

“I am pretty sure that all my fellow anxious people can relate when I say I am always looking for alternatives and remedies to help reduce my anxiety and stress. From incorporating more exercise and meditation time to my daily routine, nothing has worked better than using this Anti Anxiety Essential Oil Blend. This oil has changed my life. From better sleep to feeling overall less tension. This blend contains various essential oils including sweet oranges, organic lavender and ginger oil. I typically like adding this oil blend to my diffuser, but because it is completely safe to apply directly to your skin, I love applying it to my wrists, temples and sometimes directly to my pillow when I go to bed.” - Azul Flores, Social Media Intern



“At first, I was a little hesitant to try a natural toothpaste, but this one is amazing! I am constantly looking for a better toothpaste that does not irritate my gums and does a good job cleaning and whitening my teeth. This toothpaste has the ability to calm sensitive teeth, remove surface stains, freshen breath, and of course, whiten! I have definitely seen my teeth getting whiter and brighter throughout my time using this toothpaste.” - Carl Augustin, Co-founder


“My skin is very sensitive and I am always careful with all of my skincare products and their ingredients. Some face masks are too much for my skin to handle, so when I tried this Revitalizing Jelly Night Treatment from Nuria for hydrating and calming my skin, and it was a complete game changer. I apply this mask before I go to bed and right after I cleanse and tone my face. In the morning, my skin always feels soft and very and gives me the perfect dewy look!” - Dakota Triana, Product Fulfillment Specialist

“I started using this product when we had samples, and I instantly became obsessed. I never knew how much a lash boosting serum could improve my life, but my lashes have been so much fuller and more consistent when applying my daily mascara!” - Dakota Triana, Product Fulfillment Specialist

Be sure to shop our entire Memorial Sale, and all other vegan and cruelty-free products here, and enjoy the holiday! 

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