School is officially back with all of its excitement, new opportunities and potentially… some stressful days. We are here to make sure you come prepared! Face new challenges head-on and thrive this school year with our collection of vegan back to school products.

1. Ease Your Stress

Going back to school can be fun, but it can also come with some unwanted anxiety. With loads of homework to be done, exams to study for, and new friends to make, it can get a bit overwhelming.

So why not ease your stress up a bit? After a long day of studying and attending classes, slip into a relaxing bath with our Recovery Bath Salts. It's a great way to ease muscle tension and offers a lot of health benefits, too. Then when you're done, light up our Stress Relief Candle or use our Anti-Anxiety Essential Oil Blend. It will fill up your room with a relaxing vibe that will revitalize your tired mind and make you ready for the next day! 

2. Carry Your Essentials In Style

When we think of school, we picture out those clunky bags or oversized backpacks bulging from too many books and notes.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!You can carry all your essentials while staying fashionable and compassionate with any of our vegan leather bags. Our Meghan Tote and Demi Bucket bags are both spacious and stylish, allowing you to stuff it with a lot of things without looking tacky. For a chic upgrade to the traditional backpack, our Ariana and Kat Backpacks fit the bill perfectly. 

3. Be Prepared With Vegan Beauty Essentials

Let’s get one thing straight – school is a lot of hard work! Some people will tend to forgo their physical well-being, especially when a big report or exam is around the corner. But taking care of yourself is crucial during these times if only to up your energy and confidence level!

Look your very best when facing stress with these vegan beauty essentials you can’t live without! Keep your skin clean and moisturized with our 3-in-1 Hydrating Wipes and Shea Hand Cream. Maintain great looking hair with the Bamboo Hair Brush, then finish off your look with Glisten Mineral Lipgloss. Toss these essentials into your school bag as they are perfect for on-the-go! 

4. Stay Environmentally Friendly

Being in a busy environment such as a school, we sometimes tend to put Mother Nature in the backseat. After all, we have more pressing personal concerns, right?

Well, make it easy and automatic for you to be environmentally friendly in school by using vegan-friendly products. Ditch the reusable plastic cups and straws with our Crystal Water Bottle and Foldable Silicone Straw. Apart from being ecological, they’re also more hygienic and stylish. 

5. Share Your Message

School is a place where you meet a lot of people and build your network. It's also an excellent avenue for sharing your ideas and beliefs to everyone around you.

Get a few more potential vegans to join your cause with any of our Save The Bees or Future is Vegan tees. It’s a stylish and comfortable way to spread your message without even saying a single word! 

How do you prepare to go back to school? Let us know in the comments section below!