6 Tips to Help You Successfully Go Vegan in Veganuary

written by Mia Montalvo

Approaching a new year is the ultimate time to create space for fresh resolutions and goals. If going plant-based is a lifestyle change you're considering, “Veganuary,” could be the way to help you successfully and smoothly make the transition.

Since 2014, the Veganuary movement has inspired millions of people to “try” going vegan, for the month of January. A 30-day challenge to aid those interested in making the switch, the movement offers a loose guide with different meal plans, recipes and tips for harboring the lifestyle change. At The Vegan Warehouse, we proudly participate in Veganuary each year by supplementing several of our own stress-free curated content via our Instagram with recipes, story takeovers and blog posts with insightful tips for new vegans, the veg-curious and even the most seasoned of the plant-based lifestyle.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You’ve considered going vegan, and that alone is amazing. To help you continue a few steps further on this journey, we’ve gathered our favorite tips from our plant-based team to make the transition one with much ease, and excitement!

1) Do Your Research!


There are so many incredible, reputable and helpful sources to help you understand the reasons for wanting to go vegan, and also how to sustain the lifestyle. Try to learn about all aspects of veganism equally, from the meat and dairy industry, to environmental impacts, and how this change can even help with your health. While the surplus of info can feel a bit overwhelming, we’re here to tell you that it is never a bad thing to over educate yourself. 

Not only should doing your research constitute an online gathering of sources, but also surveying to see if you know anyone personally who is plant-based or vegan. Even if they are just an acquaintance, the vegan community is a warm and welcoming place, and we really just want to educate others and debunk the myths that say going vegan should be "difficult." 

Leverage social media, whether that be online posting boards, your personal contacts or looking into larger brands/media sources that offer information on the vegan lifestyle.

A few of our favorite sites: Live Kindly, Mercy For Animals, and of course any and all content from Earthling Ed!

2) Find Your Why, and Centralize It.

Once you’ve solidified your knowledge base, try to hone in on the reason(s) why you wanted to make this transition in the first place. Was it with hopes to improve your health and lifestyle? Do you not agree with the practices of the meat and dairy industries? Do you want to lessen your carbon footprint? Maybe these are all of your reasons, maybe just one sticks out, or maybe you even have more. 

Write your “why’s” out on a piece of paper, in your planner, or in your phone’s notes app. When you are able to physically write something out and see it in the places you look at each day, this will help you to more likely stick to your goals. 

Your “why” can be a grounding technique for not only the first 30 days of going vegan, but also for years and years to come. Making your “why” specific and personal is also a great way to anchor yourself in staying vegan. Let your “why” serve as your reminder for making such an important decision.

3. Try an Online Course To Keep You Motivated!

We released our “30 Days To Vegan” Online Course last year, and since it has helped countless people make their transition to veganism smooth, seamless and most importantly, supported. Structured with a “module” schedule, there are 30 lessons for 30 corresponding days, each going over important and quintessential topics and tips for going vegan, and building comfortability in the lifestyle. 

From meal prepping, to finding the essential supplements, and even 10 different vegan recipes from breakfast to dinner, the “30 Days To Vegan" Online Course is an incredible way to stay regimented and on target if you want to make a habit of plant-based living.

“Joining 30 Days To Vegan was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.. It gave me the tools to continue moving forward in my quest for more energy, more creative meals and to losing weight and keeping it off. I highly recommend it.” Roberta A.

4) Simplify & Re-design Your Eating!

Most aspects of the vegan lifestyle can be taken gradually and slowly, and it is incredibly valuable to go at your own place, and explore! 

One tip we’d recommend first of all, is to find which diet suits you best at this place in your life. Do not feel pressured to jump ship and go vegan right away. Removing small increments of meat and dairy from your day to day is still a great stride forward, and is making a huge difference! Also, try not to feel like you need to “choose” a label. Being plant-based is not only fluid, but can be a more comfortable term if you do not feel like labeling yourself as vegan yet.

Once you’ve found your groove within these small steps, we highly recommend meal planning and finding some fun new recipes to try. This is the BEST part about going vegan after all, so many new foods to explore! By choosing a few recipes to try each week, you’ll prevent yourself from feeling stressed about what to make, and what you can and can’t eat. Planning is simply fool-proof.

5) Find an Accountability Buddy!

While we have our “why,” and our meal prep to hold us together, there is nothing like having a friend or figure to help hold you accountable to your goals. Once again, social media is an amazing tool right in our pocket. If you want to find someone who is going vegan as well, and looking for a similar person to keep them accountable, head over to an online vegan community — like the one we have featured with our online course, or to any vegan media source! 

If you have a friend looking to go vegan, even better. But even if they are not interested in going plant-based, you can always help them with their own new years resolutions. Never be afraid to ask for help! 

6) Remember That Veganism Isn't Just A Diet

While your daily diet will be your main focus primarily in transitioning, it is important to remember that there are so many other aspects that are not as easily cruelty-free. Choosing to swap non-vegan products for vegan products is an easy first step to take!

From vegan fashion, to vegan beauty there are plenty of cruelty-free swaps that you can actively choose from at an affordable price. Research which ingredients are non-vegan so you can look out in any fashion, beauty, or home products. To take the guesswork out all of our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free!

7) Enjoy Yourself, and Treasure This Time!

You have just embarked on an enlightening, fun, and exciting journey! Going plant-based is so much more than just a diet change. It is a change of mindset, an opening of so many new doors and experiences, and a way to support values you hold close to you! 

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. You will make mistakes in the first 30 days, months and even years to come, but regardless your choice to go vegan is doing more good than you know!

If you ever have any questions about going vegan, any of our products, or the lifestyle, feel free to email us at info@theveganwarehouse.com or DM us on IG

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