Spring is just around the corner, and it's undoubtedly one of the best seasons for us vegans. More fresh produce is available, which means… more delicious vegan recipes of course! 

But more than yummy food, spring is an excellent time for a change of pace from the bitter cold of winter. And there’s certainly a lot of things to look into! From fresher and lighter outfits to spring cleaning routines, here are some Spring trends you definitely need to know. 

Nothing ushers in the arrival of Spring more than the straw bag. These artisan pieces have been a hot fashion trend for the past few years, and one that we predict won’t go away anytime soon.

Straw tote bags such as the Chrissie Straw Bag and Annie Bag are the perfect mix of style and functionality. They give a refreshingly rustic and natural look that’s ideal for the Spring season. These straw bags are quite durable and lightweight as well, while still giving you a lot of space to put in all of your essentials.

They’re also surprisingly adaptable to any occasion. Whether you’re shopping downtown or walking by the beach, we know it will be your go-to straw cross-body bag well into the Summer! 

Spring calls to mind everyone’s favorite (or not so favorite!) tradition – spring cleaning! It's certainly fulfilling to make our living spaces a little cleaner and simpler. But after we tidy up our houses, we shouldn’t forget to cleanse our spiritual and mental well-being as well. 

Smudging is a great way to do this and a perfect addition to your Spring cleaning routine. This is best done with a smudging stick, such as the Palo Santo Smudge or the Floral Sage Smudge. Just ignite your smudge over an open flame for a minute or so. It will instantly send out a wonderfully aromatic smoke that gives positive vibes and attracts wonderful energies to you and your space.

You have several choices in terms of the type of wood and herbs used in the smudge sticks. Each exudes different aromas and produces various benefits, so be sure to try a few ones out and see which ones resonate with you! 

With warmer weather coming in, it’s time to bring out the quintessential piece of clothing in anyone’s wardrobe – graphic tees! Aside from their comfort and casual vibe, t-shirts are also great ways to spread the vegan message to every person you bump into.

Graphic tees such as the Save The Bees T-shirt and Vegan Vibes T-shirt are both stylish and informative at the same time – and they really make a statement! Each is a great conversation starter that might help you introduce someone to the vegan lifestyle.

As we embrace minimalism into our homes this Spring, let’s also introduce it to the way we accessorize!

After all, owning less means using fewer resources, which is the best thing we can do for our planet! Especially when the accessories we buy are made out of reclaimed metals! Upcycled jewelry? Yes, please!

Our favorites are the Celina Hoop Studs and Chevron Studs. Both simple and minimalistic, yet super elegant additions to elevate any outfit.