For most women, it arrives like clockwork every month - the anticipated (or shall we say dreaded) period. That’s when we reach for that box of tampons or pads, without giving it much thought. 

Tampons and pads are convenient and readily available. No wonder close to 98% of women in the US still use them on a monthly basis. It’s simply how we have done it ever since our first period. But it doesn’t mean it’s the best option out there!

Read on to see why and what the better alternatives are! 

First of, tampons and pads are costly 

Sure, it may not seem so at first, but if you keep track of how much you spend over a lifetime of using them, you’d be surprised how quickly it can really add up.

They're also not as healthy as you might think

Tampons have been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome, a life-threating bacterial infection. This is caused by the overly absorbent tampons disrupting the delicate balance of the vaginal canal, which can lead to dryness and infections.

Most importantly, they are not a sustainable option

They contribute to the already millions of tons of waste humans dump onto the planet each year.


Luckily there’s a better alternative. It’s in the form of the OrganiCup – a vegan certified, natural menstrual product that’s converting women all over the country. 

OrganiCup organic menstrual cup

Shaped like a bell, this organic menstrual cup is inserted into your vaginal canal much like a tampon, but the similarities end there. Instead of absorbing blood flow, the cup collects it. A snug fit ensures there are no leaks.

You then empty the cup after 4-12 hours (depending on flow), wash and reinsert it. After your period, it is sanitized through boiling and kept away in its own storage pouch - to be used again on your next period. 

Using this vegan menstrual cup is simple and straightforward, but the benefits are immense.

For one, it's the most affordable way to manage your period

With proper use and care, organic menstrual cups can be reused for up to 10 YEARS. This will save you tons of money in the long run, for a slightly higher but surprisingly affordable upfront cost – a win-win!

It's environmentally friendly and sustainable

Being reusable means it’s a completely zero waste product. By not having to dispose of dozens of tampons or pads every month, you substantially reduce your waste output. If every woman in the world did this, imagine the resources we would save and the trash we would avoid every year.

It's completely healthy and safe

If you have worries about its safety, rest assured that it’s completely healthy and safe. The OrganiCup is made of medical grade silicone, a bacteria resistant material that’s also gentle on the body. It’s comfortable yet maintains a tight seal, so there is no chance of leaks even during intense physical activity. Most importantly, it respects and maintains the delicate balance necessary for the healthy functioning of your vaginal canal.


So when that time of the months comes, grab an OrganiCup instead. It’s the safe, affordable and environmentally responsible organic menstrual cup that will change your life forever!