Have you ever wondered what your makeup brush is made of? It’s become such an everyday staple for women, that most of us don’t give it a second thought. 

Unfortunately, the truth is pretty brutal once we dig a little deeper.

At the end of the day, makeup brushes are simply made from real hair and fur that came from an animal that did not give it up willingly. 

The Cruel Truth Is Out There

The reality is that most of these animals are bred for this purpose, with many being killed in cruel ways (think electrocution and being skinned alive) in an effort to obtain the highest quality of fur possible. 

And while some manufacturers might claim that they obtained the hair through humane, pain-free ways, the fact remains that these animals still had to be held against their will in the process. Besides, can we ever actually verify the level of “humaneness” the manufacturers employ? 

So the fact remains that anything made out of an animal ingredient can never be 100% cruelty free. 

As someone who’s advocating a cruelty-free lifestyle, you should consider whether the makeup brushes you’ve been using on a daily basis were produced in a not so cruelty-free way.  

The Better Alternatives!

Luckily, there’s a better alternative for you – vegan makeup brushes!

Brushes like our Bamboo Makeup Brushes are the answer to a more animal friendly make-up routine.

These high-end brushes are made up of 100% synthetic fibers that involves no animal cruelty whatsoever, giving you and the animals peace of mind.

In many ways, they are even better than the natural brushes they replace.

For one, they don’t cause any allergic reactions. Many people complain of irritated skin when using certain kinds of animal brushes. Since they’re made of synthetic materials, it’s safe for everyone to use.

Vegan brush bristles are also much more resistant to dirt and bacteria since they don’t have small pores like natural animal hair does. This makes them very easy to clean, and has the added bonus of maintaining their shape even after years of use.

And since they’re made from synthetic bristles, they are also more affordable. They absorb less makeup product during use, stretching the life of your powders and makeups and saving you even more money.

In short, there’s really no reason NOT to use vegan makeup brushes. It’s such a win-win situation for everyone, animals included.

Make The Switch!

We made it incredibly easy for you to make the switch with our lineup of the best quality vegan makeup brushes available.

From our luxe all-in-one Bamboo Makeup Brush Set to the stylishly chic Pink Tip Brush Set, each feature dense, smooth bristles that make it easy to evenly apply makeup for an amazing look.

And with prices that won’t break your vegan wallet, today’s the best time to get yourself a set or two! 

What’s your favorite vegan brush off our collection? Let us know in the comments below!