Our Best Rated Vegan Leather Bags

When hearing of vegan handbags you may worry that their quality or style is not up to par to your usual go-to brands. On the contrary!

Just take our top rated Alicia & Ruby Crossbodies. These stylish vegan leather bags show that cruelty-free products can stand toe-to-toe with even the trendiest designer brands. And the best part is that vegan bags are sturdier, less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

Here are some vegan handbag picks that our customers can’t get enough of: 

There’s one way to describe the Ruby Cross-body – awesomely chic! It features edgy studs, a bright red finish and a very fashionable printed strap. It’s roomy enough to contain all your essentials while still staying delicate and petite.

The Ruby Cross-body will quickly become your go-to bag, just like it did for these happy customers:

Ally F. writes:

The Ruby purse is my new go to purse! I bought the black one and I love that it comes with two straps. One black strap for a more formal look and the multi-color strap for everyday use can even be used on two sides! A total of three different looks with one purse. I’ve used it every day since purchasing and love it!

Hahleemah W. says:

This little red bag has quickly become one of my favs. I’ve forced myself to condense my belongings just so that they fit and I can wear this bag more often. It’s super stylish, great quality, and comes with two straps, both equally stylish and perfect for switching up the wardrobe vibe. I want it in a larger size and different color now.

Denise G. says:

I love small cross-body bags- this one is perfect! The size fits my iPhone lipstick and a small wallet. It is also great looking and the multi-color strap coordinates well with many colors

These women indeed love the style and functionality that the Ruby Crossbody delivers. It’s the perfectly sized vegan bag that adapts to everyday needs.


The Alicia Cross-body bag just exudes sophistication - a versatile vegan leather handbag that will make any outfit pop. It features 100% cruelty-free leather with an elegant chain strap that provides a sturdy yet classy looking support.

This is a vegan leather bag that will certainly make you the center of attention, just like these ladies:

Melissa R. confided

This bag is everything! I get a lot of compliments when I tote this bag. It looks very expensive so the first thing people ask is who the designer. When I tell them it’s vegan, they automatically start touching. I’m not going to lie, I carry nothing but designer. This was my first vegan and I ordered a red cross-body too. I’m definitely ordering more for Christmas gifts.

Lillian C. has this to say:

This bag is beautiful and it’s very roomy too. The chain is long enough to fall on my hip. It has compartments for a phone and compact mirror. It fully zips to protect your belongings from falling. The material is very luxurious. You could definitely dress it up or dress it down. I purchased the black one and it’s gorgeous.

Pauline I. tells us that

“Not many online purchases are as great in person as they look online in my opinion... this is the exception! This bag looks high end! It hangs nicely, no droops from it being too big or the cross body chain being too heavy. I absolutely love it!!”

The Alicia Crossbody shows vegan bags can look stylish and luxurious, with a designer vibe that demands attention! 

What’s your experience with our top rated Alicia and Ruby Crossbodies? Share it with us in the comments below!


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