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A lack of sleep can contribute to poor health, weight gain, premature aging of the body, mental problems and a lot more. Sleep it is the time when your body repairs recharges and regenerates itself. Your good health is directly connected to how much sleep you get, and how peaceful it is. To get the sleep they need, many people turn to prescription medications or products from the drugstore.

Unfortunately, many of these products can cause an unwanted dependency, morning grogginess and dangerous side effects. A natural relaxation and stress relief supplement can help you beat these problems.T

his natural sleep aid supplement promotes relaxation without the groggy side effects. It is also an herbal remedy for stress management.

Herbal Medi-Care formulates this sleep and stress support supplement in the USA with certified organic ingredients.

Contains 90 vegetarian capsules

How To Use

When taking this supplement to promote nighttime relaxation take up to 3 capsules at least one to two hours before bedtime.

When taking this herbal remedy to encourage relaxation during the day you may take up to 3 after mid-morning and up to 3 in the afternoon with or without meals.

To prevent reaching a plateau, take this on a cycle of 12 weeks on and 2 weeks off. 


Organic Valerian (root), Organic Hops (aerial), Organic Chamomile (flower), Organic Passionflower (flower), Organic Skullcap (aerial), Organic St. Johns Wort (aerial)

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