Meet Julnequwa - our July Ambassador of the Month! 

Hi! My name is Julnequwa and I'm from Southern California. I'm a vegan lifestyle content creator at @lifeofagoddess_ on Instagram while still working my "normal" job as a cashier. I love pretty, bright colors and experimenting with different foods and recipes. I use my Instagram platform as a way to show people that veganism can be fun and exciting.

I have always had a huge love for animals and from an early age I knew I wanted to go vegan. Eventually, after a bad breakup when I was 20, I chose to finally go vegetarian and after about 3 years I made the full switch to veganism. Now I am going strong with 8 years with no meat! 

Within all those years, I've gained a lot of knowledge about veganism. So if you ever need any tips or advice for all things vegan, feel free to reach out to me! I love being able to help people transition into a cruelty free lifestyle!

Julnequwa's Top Picks:

Tropical Hair Serum

Juice Cleanse Cleansing Oil

Rescue My Hair Mask

Vegan Beauty

Julnequwa is passionate about finding vegan beauty alternatives that actually work! Tune into our IG this month to see her fully vegan self-care routine!



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