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Bubble Candle
Bubble Candle
Bubble Candle
Bubble Candle

Bubble Candle

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Stunning & luxurious sculptural candles with mindful ingredient selection. We love having dreamy candles in our spaces that fill our rooms with refined vibes & beautiful fragrance. Such a luxurious candle that looks like art no matter where you style it. Perfect décor for dressing your home.

MEASURES: 2.24 in x 2.24 in x 2.36 in



  • MEZCAL - The Green & Floral Earthy One. Hints of sweet agave, watery aloe, cactus flower, fresh-cut green leaves, jade, chrysanthemum petals & patchouli ground which is aromatically an anti inflammatory.
  • HOMETOWN - The Sweet Citrus One. Hints of sweet island citrus & agave nectar, grapefruit, mandarin, and tangerine, with hints of lime and peach rounds.


Due to the candle's design, we recommend burning your candle on a perfect flat surface: even, heat safe, away from drafts, away from wooden furniture, and out of reach of pets, children and wild or elaborate draperies, close to you at all times when anyone lights it.

We highly recommend placing your candle on a fire resistant-heat safe surface (any of our plates listed on our website are heat safe dishes), to prevent wax from coming in contact with your gorgeous surfaces. Ensure your dish is 2.5x the size of your candle to prevent dripping wax onto your precious surfaces.

The first thing you want to do is make sure your wick is the proper length, around ¼” in. length before burning & relighting your candle. Only trim wicks on cooled candles, to prevent debris from falling into the hot wax. Please be careful to be able to reach the wicks without burning yourself.

Helping your candle burn to its potential is a delicate balance of leaving it alone and keeping an attentive eye on it. Most surfaces aren’t perfectly even, so we recommend rotating your candle every few minutes if it's starting to burn at an angle to ensure that you get an even pool of liquid wax. It’s crucial that your candle burns completely liquid across the surface EVERY time you burn it.


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