Summer is almost here, and with it, our brand new collection of luxury vegan handbags! So whether you’re power dressing for work or staying casual for a chill weekend, there’s a vegan leather bag for you!

Ruby Cross Body vegan leather bags

If you’re planning to get just one item from our vegan leather bags collection (good luck with that!), might as well pick the Ruby Cross-Body. This chic and sophisticated bag is handmade with 100% premium quality vegan leather made using sustainable means for your peace of mind.

The Ruby will make any outfit really pop with its two interchangeable straps – the studded leather for a more classic look, or a colorful printed one if you’re feeling particularly sassy and adventurous!

So whether you’re out doing groceries or busy being the life of the party, the Ruby Cross-Body is a perfect fit. It’s versatile like that!

The Harley Messenger vegan leather bags

Who said luxury vegan handbags can’t be stunning? The Harley Messenger will surely turn heads and quickly make you the center of attention! The Harley vegan handbag makes a bold statement with its studded finish and hasp closure. It’s the perfect luxury bag to take with you on your next cocktail party. 

But just how big of a showstopper do you want to be? Well, you can be elegantly sophisticated and go for the neutral gray, or be uniquely trendy and opt for the emerald green! Or, you know, get both and let your mood decide! 

Robin Tote vegan leather bags

A no-frills luxury vegan handbag, the Robin Tote will fast become your go-to everyday companion, especially in the coming Summer season! It sports an attractive canvas exterior, magnetic closure, and two interior pockets to put all of your essentials in.

This perfectly sized handbag is a great casual pick for a weekend at the farmer’s market or beach trip, but chic enough to add some pizzazz to your outfit. And trust us, it goes great with anything! 

Tony Bucket vegan leather bags

Power through your workdays with the vegan leather handbag that’s as hardworking and chic as you are. The Tony Bucket Bag is made for your inner boss girl, with its thick shoulder strap and a classic, professional look that comes in brown, black or cream.

And find that pen or planner faster than ever, thanks to the included removable pouch. Now you can keep all of your stuff organized and be ready for anything the workplace throws at you! 

Sadie Tote vegan leather bag

The Sadie Tote is the perfect travel companion for the modern day woman on the go. It’s a very roomy bag that has all the space you’ll ever need to fit all your essentials – everything from oversized wallets to bulky laptops!

And if you think being roomy means sacrificing looks, you’d be dead wrong with the Sadie Tote. It’s as beautiful as it is functional. Toned down colors and elegant suede finish round out this stunning and practical handbag! 

What's your next go-to handbag from our collection? Let us know in the comments below!