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What is a vegan leather bag?

Vegan leather bags are made with artificial leather-like materials. Vegan bags look, feel, and act like animal leather bags. However, vegan bags are made without animal hides and glues.

Instead, vegan bags are made from polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vegetables, and other alternative materials. Since vegan leather doesn’t use cattle or other animals, some types of vegan leather produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

Vegan bags require maintenance just as animal leather bags do. This includes storage, cleaning, and occasional polish. But with proper care, vegan leather bags can last years. This is especially true if you invest in bags crafted with quality materials.

For example, vegan handbags made with single-layer PVC may not last as long as those made with quality PU.

Vegan leather features

Like animal leather, vegan leather can be stretched to craft high-quality goods like wallets and handbags. However, vegan leather isn’t as stretchy as animal hides.

Vegan leather also softens over time with repeated use. This means vegan leather enthusiasts can still achieve the “worn” look most commonly associated with animal leather.

Vegan leather is also available in a wide variety of colors. Plus, most handbags made with vegan leather are water-resistant.

Is faux leather vegan?

Faux leather is vegan as long as it doesn’t use any animal products. So in most cases, yes, faux leather and vegan leather are the same. Vegan leather is also called pleather, plastic leather, or fake leather.

Faux leather is typically made from alternative materials, other than animal hides. These materials can be synthetic, like plastic. But they can also be natural, like cork.

For this reason, faux leather, pleather, and vegan leather are all used interchangeably. However, pleather is always specifically made from plastic.

Common vegan leather materials include:

  • PU
  • PVC
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Recycled rubber
  • Plant-based byproducts

Is vegan leather biodegradable?

Vegan leather can be made from either synthetic materials, or natural materials. Whether vegan leather is biodegradable or not depends on what it’s made out of.

For example, many vegan leather bags are made with polyvinyl chloride (also known as PVC). PVC isn’t considered eco-friendly, nor is it biodegradable.

However, vegan leather handbags can be made with polyurethane, or PU. PU is considered eco-friendly, non-toxic, and BPA-free. This is why many MERSI handbags are crafted with high-quality PU vegan leather.

How to clean vegan leather bag

Most vegan leather handbags are easy to clean. This is because they're usually waterproof or water resistant.

If you want to clean your vegan leather bag, first start with a dry microfiber cloth. Give the outside a gentle once-over to remove any loose dirt or debris. Then, mix together a mild dish detergent with warm water. Dip the corner of a microfiber towel in the mixture and gently wash away any remaining build-up.

Lastly, pat the vegan bag dry with a clean cloth and allow the bag to completely dry before use or storage. Remember to use storage bags or cloth covers to prolong each bag’s life.

If your vegan leather handbag needs extra TLC, apply a thin layer of leather polishing cream or wax. This helps protect vegan leather from excess moisture, and it adds a pleasant shine.

How to take care of vegan leather

A great rule of thumb for taking care of vegan leather is to treat it the way you could treat your own skin. In which case, we recommend protecting vegan leather handbags from excess abrasion, sun exposure, and harsh chemicals.

Keep in mind that vegan leather handbags are easy to clean, but their fabric linings may not be. For this reason, it’s best to carry perfumes, foundation, and other cosmetics in a separate sealable pouch.

As well, if you notice wrinkles in your handbag, they can be ironed out. Just remember to place something between the vegan handbag and the iron (like a pillowcase) to prevent damage.

If you can’t iron vegan leather, you can apply weight to smooth out the texture. For example, lay your item out flat and place a protective barrier over it (like a pillowcase). Then, stack heavy books or hand weights on top of the protective barrier. Let the item sit for a few days, then check to make sure the wrinkles are gone. If not, repeat the process until smooth.

When caring for vegan leather handbags, it’s best you store them in dust covers or cover bags. Avoid overfilling your bags, or stacking them on top of each other. Remember to store in a safe, dry environment and rotate your collection to make them last longer.


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