While we hear a lot lately about the dangers of traditional tampons or pads, the rest of our feminine care products rarely get as much attention. However, with a little bit of research, it turns out that certain fem care products can actually be doing us more harm than good.

Many of us have been taught to use feminine washes from a young age. Advertising convinces us that we need these products to stay “fresh” and “healthy.” But the truth is, most of these feminine hygiene products have dangerous side effects. For example, some women develop a bacterial infection in their sensitive areas, even though they use feminine washes regularly.  

The Truth Down There

The reality is that the vagina is more than capable of taking care of itself. It continuously secretes mucous that expels any dead cells or foreign objects. But to do this, it needs to have two things at optimal levels: pH and good bacteria. It needs to maintain a balance of these two factors to be healthy.

This pH and microbial balance differs from person to person, and even among ethnicities. Age also plays a factor. People at peak fertile age usually have a neutral pH of 7. As they reach menopausal age, this drop down to around 4.5 – 6.5

The danger of using traditional feminine hygiene products is that they often disrupt this delicate balance. This is due to the harsh chemicals present in these washes. This ironically leaves the vagina more vulnerable to infections.

In fact, a study has shown that using intimate washes puts a person at a 350% higher risk of yeast infections and sexually transmitted diseases. This increases the likelihood of further complications like cervical cancer. Even using soap is not recommended, as it can dry out your vaginal area, leading to even more infections.

In a way, society and media play a part in this issue. The vagina is often portrayed as something that's "unclean," thus creating the need for these feminine washes. 

The Fem Care Alternatives

But it doesn’t mean that using feminine washes is such a bad idea. It should still be a part of your daily hygiene, provided you pick a product that respects your pH and microbial balance.

This is why using an all-natural vegan feminine wash is a great alternative.

Products like our pH-Balancing Feminine Wash are made of natural ingredients, free of any harsh chemicals. This wash is super gentle, hypo allergenic, and its pH-balanced formulation guarantees that it won't disrupt your pH levels.

Another great option is ourRael Natural Feminine Wash. If you’re concerned about irritation, a small amount of this gentle cleanser can do wonders to soothe your sensitive areas. It’s also safe for all skin types and contains no parabens or artificial fragrances.

And if you’re a menstrual cup user (which we highly recommend), you can also use these washes to clean the cups themselves. On the go, you can opt for our OrganiWipes or Rael Wipes to clean them in between uses. 

So hopefully we've enlightened you a bit on the dangers of using just any feminine care product out there. When in doubt, go with a vegan feminine wash for a safe way to feel fresh down there! 

What’s your feminine hygiene routine like? Share it in the comments below!